Windows Phone 7: Email application video blog

Continuing from yesterday’s video blog on Twitter apps for Windows Phone 7, I have filmed a video that goes through the email application, looking specifically at performance and the various features of the application.

It will come as no surprise that this is one of my favourite applications as the performance is superb with no lag or glitches. I also prefer this experience over that in the Mail app on the iPhone. Put it this way, if you’re seriously considering a switch to Windows Phone 7, Email would be a top reason for doing so. It looks great and works well. What more could you want?

Email Video Blog, filmed 2 December 2010

Tip for Gmail users

One of my fellow reviewers, Jodie Miners, expressed concerns that her inability to access starred items & labels from her Gmail account was essentially a deal-breaker. I don’t use the stars/labels options often but on closer investigation, however, I found it is possible to access these items (as you see in the video). First, click the folder icon in the app bar at the bottom. A menu will appear in which you can select ‘show all folders’, which will display all your labels, and an option to view starred items. You can also view your sent items, outbox and drafts from this menu as well. There’s a logical reason why it works this way and that’s because ‘stars’ and ‘labels’ are really just synonyms for folders when it comes to Email triaging.

Outlook Email

These items appear after click 'show all folders'

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